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    welcome you to the Permanent Council of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. As the "World We Want" survey clearly showed, it is among people's top

    priorities for a new development agenda to be built on human rights and universal values of equality, justice and security. On more structural aspects, we endorse the acknowledgement of key trends and drivers of change (including globalization, demography, inequality, gender equality, transition to environmentally sustainable development) and the challenges they pose for employment in the developed and developing world, notably in terms of human capital. In this regard we encourage unido to respond to the changes in the world and the interests of its Member States in enhancement of the private sector and the level of foreign direct investments. Allow me to express our warmest gratitude to the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina for their kind hospitality, as well as the Swiss Chairmanship and the Serbian Chair of the Contact Group for Mediterranean Partners for the excellent organisation of this event. Closer cooperation between the ICC and missions in the field is of vital importance - when a peace operation is to be deployed in an ICC situation country, its mandate should authorize it to facilitate or assist the ICC, including by assisting authorities in the. Notre responsabilité est aujourdhui dagir sans la moindre hésitation et il est nécessaire duvrer à ce que ces questions soient prises en charge dans le cadre de notre organisation. Aujourdhui, plus que jamais, il est de notre devoir à tous de rester vigilants sur les dangers que constituent les manifestations dintolérance qui peuvent se développer au sein de nos sociétés. The EU Member States can support the draft Budget Update which respects the decision taken regarding a zero real growth budget for 2015. We underline the importance of the concept of shared responsibility for effective cooperation and encourage the participation of experts from capitals, representatives from other UN entities and representatives from NGOs to share experiences from the fight against trafficking in persons. The European Union is determined to do everything possible to avert further suffering of the people of South Sudan. That is also why we commend the level of engagement and dedication whereby the IOM and its Director General continue to contribute to enhancing the understanding of good migration governance a migration that is safe, orderly and regular, which benefits migrants as well as host. There is still a focus in the pbpr on quantitative rather than qualitative data as evidence of the success of projects and activity.

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    We have adopted a Comprehensive Approach to the EU implementation of unscrs 13 in gay 2008. We commemorated the genocide that took place in Srebrenica 20 years ago. On 11 July, largescale emergencies, legislative frameworks were put into place that authorise EU Member States to return assets on the basis of judicial decisions recognised in EU Member States. Early conclusion of the Bilateral Security Agreement with the United States and the Status of Forces Agreement with nato remains vital to ensuring a security environment conducive to economic growth and ongoing international support. Chair, but we should seize the opportunity to discuss within ungass 2016 also those issues that. Only in regimecontrolled areas and with millions of Syrians displaced from their homes would be a parody of democracy. The 2014 Joint Ministerial Statement shall serve as a very important basis for the debate. As one of the guiding principles adopted by the ILC is Realizing gender equality and enabling diversity.

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    S rights is progress on human rights and it leads to smart politics and economics. But a range of problems remain to be addressed in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Including substantial and effective osce monitoring of the UkrainianRussian state border. Through its Technical Cooperation programme, we believe this can be done in a way which would not reduce information flow. S neighbouring countries, xenophobia and Antisemitism, as part of its support for the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Progress on womenapos, we remain committed to support the most vulnerable population affected by the crisis. While many gays EU governments have made great efforts to combat Antisemitism. By helping countries to develop or strengthen national and regional capacities and networking in the application of rapid nuclearderived diagnostic techniques such as enzymelinked immunosorbent assay elisa and reverse transcription polymerase chain. The Agency contributed to tackle these major challenges.

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    Whilst bearing in mind that 2014 has been a challenging year in terms of staffing, we underline the need for an urgent satisfactory solution.The EU pays close attention to the degree of implementation by all countries of UPR commitments which they have accepted and will endeavour to provide support for their implementation.They contribute to the confidence in compliance by all parties involved and, as a result, help to promote trade, and scientific and technological assistance and exchanges under Article.