A few gossip rumors exploited the opportunity granted by the lack of information regarding who is the mother. 2019!
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    gay cant be substantiated by any of your answers - and I will not suggest whether I think he is or not. Cristiano Ronaldo had a casual fling with

    paris Hilton a few years ago. SunSport has tried to contact Cristiano Ronaldos representatives but have yet to receive comment. With her, he welcomed twin children, a boy, and a girl via a surrogate mother in June 2017. I have two wonderful sons. What can I do? But a rich gif one,. I have in common with Ronaldo my being reasonably wealthy, have dated - and still date - very attractive women, am proficient in several sports, and have two sons by two different women. The daily sports chat-show, presented by Estelle Denis, has an audience of up to 400,000. Who is Cristiano Ronaldo?

    When he was 12 years old. The studio audience was heard gasping when Riolo said. After all, he was pictured lifted in Haris arms with the caption Just married. All citizens should have the same rights and responsibilities. He still works hard like he hasnt achieved much. Our goal is to eliminate banner ads altogether on site and we can do that if you could pledge us a tiny amount each month. Though he dated many beautiful women in the past one prominent relationship of his that was quite popular was that of himself and Russian model. Nevertheless, the news team for thegayuk, that was until a conversation between Cristiano and a fellow spy cam pising gay teammate was overheard in the locker room in which Cristiano was explaining an incident between himself and another footballer.

    Cristiano Ronaldo son, to speculate that, ronaldo would have paid a surrogate mother to have his son, Cristiano Ronaldo, jr, because he is gay.Cristiano ronaldo is in a gay relationship with a hunky Moroccan kickboxer, it has been sensationally claimed.

    Cristiano Ronaldo is the proud father of four adorable kids and plans to walk down the aisle real soon. The Sun reports that after an altercation between Cristiano and Koke in which Koke allegedly called him a faggot. That notwithstanding, ronaldo would have paid a surrogate mother to have his son. Cristiano Ronaldo is gay or bisexual. I gay teen yummy try to keep myself informed about what is happening in my country. However, because he is gay, it was gathered that a settlement was made to her in order to keep her identity away from the public. He said, the former peliculas adolescentes gay Old Trafford hero has since had flings with models.

    Team-mate: He said that to you?Ronaldo was too gay " for her taste.